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Interactive Market Research Policy


Contact e-mail:

Collection and use

Data collected with the contact form.
By filling out the contact form, the user: communicates his/her name; communicates the email address at which he/she wishes to be contacted; writes a message to be sent to

Purpose of processing

The name, the email address given by the user when filling out the contact form and the information entered by the user in the body of the message are used exclusively to respond to the user's request.

Retention period

The information given by the user when filling out the contact form (name, email address, message text) will be processed and stored for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, i.e. to send the answer to the submitted question.


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Acceptance of these terms and conditions

Interactive assumes that all visitors to this site, registered users of the Millebytes Club and Interactive market research respondents have carefully read this document and agree to its contents. If anyone disagrees with this data privacy policy, they should avoid using our site and platform.

Disclosure of personal information

We pledge never to disclose a user's personal information without their permission, except in cases where we have reason to believe that disclosure of this information is necessary to establish the identity of a person who is suspected of attacking Interactive's property. We have permission to disclose a user's personal information when we have reasonable grounds to believe that this is required by law.


If you have any questions about the ways Interactive uses to collect and use your personal information, please use the form available on the Contact page of our website.