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Our Services

Market research services for all your survey needs

Interactive Market Research Services

Online Panel

We own a quite 233.000 active members online panel in Top 5 European countries and 170.000 active subscribers in a Russian online panel co-managed in partnership with a local operator

A Network of local partner allow us to manage online projects in countries that we don’t cover directly.

  • Italy: 68k
  • Uk: 48k
  • France: 45k
  • Spain: 39k
  • Germany: 33k
  • Russia: 170k (managed in partnership with a local operator)
panel imr

Personal Interviews

Face to Face

Since 1999 Interactive operates in the field of Face to Face (F2F) interviews using both the PAPI (pen and paper interviews) and CAPI (computer assisted personal interviews) methodologies. In 2013 Interactive has completed more than 25.000 F2F interviews in Italy.

Shelf Test

Interactive has a number of market research tools and techniques that can help create or update packaging so that it has the impact to grab attention and the ability to communicate to consumers.

Eye Tracking

The full power of an eye-tracking tool in the palm of a hand, without loosing any detail!

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Cati Center


  • 40 positions
  • Automatic call management system
  • Data management
  • Open Ended pre-coding

Software Tools

  • System management for interactive survey
  • Data Server
  • SPSS, Quanvert, and other software tools for statistical analysis data


Mystery Clients Network

Mystery Client is a methodology used to check the actual quality of the service provided to clients by a point of sale, or the strenght of a brand in a multibrand point of sale. The methodology implies carrying out concrete commercial actions at the point of sale by persons behaving as real client, but whose real role is unknown to the point of sale managers and staff.

The main targets of the methodology are:

  • evaluating the quality of the service provided from two points of view
  • point of sale qualitative standards
  • behavior of the point of sale staff
  • checking the positioning of the brand under analysis with the competitors

mistery imr
tecnology interactive

Our Technology

Interactive has been one of the first Italian market research company to invest in a proprietary web interviewing system that makes it possible to fully check all the productive procedures.

A multi-level IT security system guarantees the privacy and the complete security of both the respondents' personal data and the data gathered during the interviews. Sophisticated backup and Disaster Recovery solutions have been developed in order to avert any possible data loss.

Interactive proprietary web environment guarantees its clients’ researches the following advantages and benefits:

  • top of flexibility and reliability
  • continous search and development
  • complete quality check during all phases
  • integrated management of systems
  • quickness
  • personalization